John’s Service Logo


  • John's Service of Long Island

  • November 2020

When demand for entertainment and exercise at home skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the swimming pool industry skillfully rode the wave.

I learned this after getting a call from Automated Pool Solutions, a client I worked with back in 2015. Apparently, the summer of quarantine brought them so much business, they were able to buy out one of their competitors.

Just as they had invested in their own brand years before, APS wanted to evolve this former rival's brand in order to tighten their hold on the market. Logo redesign was the place to start.

The original John's Service logo, imagined almost 50 years ago, was a basic drawing of a pool heater with plain text underneath — a very "home-grown" design. My task was to introduce a much more professional look, but without scrapping the old identity.

I took a retro-inspired, maximalist design approach to meet this goal. Aside from impressing the client, I, myself, was particularly satisfied with the outcome. Out of the dozens of logos I've made, this one is among the most interesting. In my opinion, that is.