John’s Service Fleet Graphics


  • John's Service of Long Island

  • November 2020

As soon as their new logo was complete, John's Service (now owned by my loyal client, Automated Pool Solutions) focused on decorating their commercial fleet. Conveniently, all of their vans were Dodge Sprinters, meaning only one layout was needed.

A barter deal with the shop responsible for applying the decals led to a short design timeframe. By short, I mean to say that the finished designs had to reach the press less than 24 hours after the drafts were started. So, it was rushed.

That being said, while the result may not measure up to my own standard of creative quality, it was more than sufficient to the client. When most of your competitors only have one simple sticker on the door, it's not hard to do better, know what I mean?

The reason this on my portfolio is not to showcase superior design, but to demonstrate that I've dealt with the vinyl graphics format. Oh, and I did write the catchphrase. It's working out nicely.