Fortem Realistic Renderings


Let me tell you the inconvenient truth about product photography. It requires expensive equipment, dedicated space, spare inventory, time for shooting, even more time for editing, and, to top it all off, a photographer with skill.

So, while it is absolutely essential for many companies, it's highly impractical for most of them. And, for some, it's all but impossible.

Case in point is Fortem Technologies, a designer of counter-drone hardware for military, police, and heavy industry. The things Fortem makes aren't sitting on shelves, waiting to have their picture taken. If they're not in the field, they're undergoing rigorous testing.

You can see why realistic renderings make a lot of sense. In contrast to photos, they offer the same quality or better, add the benefit of repeatability (you can photograph an updated product from the exact angle and perspective as the original), and they do without all of the former requirements, except one — the skilled expert.

That's me, with more than 6 years of experience in 3D software alone. These renderings for Fortem are some of my latest. Taken straight from production CAD files, the models are 100% true to life. And my lighting and materials are more real than ever, thanks to an all-new, ray-traced renderer from AMD.