Fortem Dubai Air Show Materials


The 2021 Dubai Air Show was a milestone for me and my team, for a few reasons. The first had to do with the company aiming its ambitions higher — we teased DroneHunter's experimental Group-2 capabilities and bolstered our reputation as a partner of Boeing.

The second reason was that I finally had a team. Sure, to some, four is a skeleton crew. But mine was a damn good skeleton crew, meaning they could handle everything from booth design to event logistics while I worked on Fortem's new website.

Not so fast, though. Resting on my laurels and pointing the finger is not my style. I had to participate somehow, which is where the third reason for the milestone comes into play.

That is, the Dubai show marked the first time I wrote headline copy for Fortem. Oh, and I went ahead and designed this whole flyer while I was at it.