Fortem Coptech Handouts


This is a handout for CopTech, a notable trade show for law enforcement. Fortem was in attendance promoting their new Police Starter Kit, which features ground-to-air radar for police and private security.

The handout is printed on 14pt card stock with a custom die cut. The drone in the Northwest quadrant — we'll get to that in a second — is perforated. Because of the thin substrate, the perforated section tends to break off easily. This is by design.

I was counting on it falling off inside attendees' bags and being found later as a reminder. This tactic worked nicely, as reported by my peers in sales.

Let me say a word about the drone graphic, as promised. A week or two before my team started preparing materials for this event, I had wowed the guys upstairs with my new illustrations of counter-UAS solutions (see Fortem Custom Illustrations).

Remarking that the images of rogue drones carrying explosives made an impact, my bosses asked me to use one on this piece. I never let appreciation for my work go unanswered. But, truth be told, I wouldn't have chosen to use an illustration in this design.

They're intended to be used in diagrams and infographics, not dominate the foreground as seen here. The cartoon style of my illustrations is meant for instruction, not intimidation, which is supposed to be the point.

All things considered, I'm still proud of the design, mainly because the format and execution are awesome. Working with custom dies is a lot of fun.